Art Has Healed Me: The Story of Michael Patterson

Hello fellow bloggers.  My name is Michael Patterson and I am a visual artist.  You might also call me a creative artist.  I like to write, sing, and play the piano as well.  My friend Greg and I write poetry and music together.

All of this is a recent creative blooming.  A night and day change in terms of my confidence and feeling of happiness.  The arts have literally healed me.  Imagine feeling earthbound, as if you are stuck in a mud-pit.  For years and years.   Then one morning you wake up and all of a sudden you find yourself flying in mid-air.  Completely free.  Liberated.  Empowered.  That is the feeling I have now that I am connected to the arts.

This change has many layers to it.  Sort of like the various pitches and colors of a speaking voice. Actually when I was younger I had a speech impediment. It was so confining to me, as a young person.  But now I am finding that I have a clear and strong voice, through communication in the arts.  I am coming out of my shell.  No fear.  Just freedom to express my emotions. 

In terms of art, my favorite thing to do is this:  to paint:  through a method that I actually co-created and co-invented.  It is called ArtDance.  It involves painting with the fingers. When I am immersed in ArtDance I can actually feel an emotional shift inside of me.  

I would encourage any person of any age to try out ArtDance.  And to get involved in the arts! It is my hope that my artwork, which I will post this week, will be noticed by more and more people;  especially young people;  so that they can understand that there is healing and positive energy that comes from doing painting–especially while using your fingers!


Nearly a year ago, I began a creative arts community called “Skylight”.  We began meeting in my home once a week, here in the South-side of Birmingham, Alabama. Within three months time, we had created an original way to paint.  ArtDance.  An approach that is itself approachable. No need for all of the rules and strictures that often lead to perfectionism and self-doubt.  No need for even a paintbrush!

Over the coming weeks I will use this blog to share with you how ArtDance has evolved, over the last nine months, since its inception.

I would love to hear from fellow artists, and art therapists, and even art coaches (if there are other art coaches out there!).  So that we might collaborate and share by way of this blog!