Art Has Healed Me: The Story of Michael Patterson

Hello fellow bloggers.  My name is Michael Patterson and I am a visual artist.  You might also call me a creative artist.  I like to write, sing, and play the piano as well.  My friend Greg and I write poetry and music together.

All of this is a recent creative blooming.  A night and day change in terms of my confidence and feeling of happiness.  The arts have literally healed me.  Imagine feeling earthbound, as if you are stuck in a mud-pit.  For years and years.   Then one morning you wake up and all of a sudden you find yourself flying in mid-air.  Completely free.  Liberated.  Empowered.  That is the feeling I have now that I am connected to the arts.

This change has many layers to it.  Sort of like the various pitches and colors of a speaking voice. Actually when I was younger I had a speech impediment. It was so confining to me, as a young person.  But now I am finding that I have a clear and strong voice, through communication in the arts.  I am coming out of my shell.  No fear.  Just freedom to express my emotions. 

In terms of art, my favorite thing to do is this:  to paint:  through a method that I actually co-created and co-invented.  It is called ArtDance.  It involves painting with the fingers. When I am immersed in ArtDance I can actually feel an emotional shift inside of me.  

I would encourage any person of any age to try out ArtDance.  And to get involved in the arts! It is my hope that my artwork, which I will post this week, will be noticed by more and more people;  especially young people;  so that they can understand that there is healing and positive energy that comes from doing painting–especially while using your fingers!


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